Data Analysis

We give the best Services

–We provide in depth analysis of data originating from complex processes. Our knowledge and experience in Mathematics makes it easier to find hidden trend and correlation in the data. This service also includes Data Modelling, which prepares the data for user-friendly representation and Advanced Data Visualisation, which helps the customer get a clear insight of their data and present it to the other parties.

Data Consolidation
Data Modelling
Advanced Data Visualization
Pattern and Trend evaluation
Documentation (ppt)
Big data development and consulting

Our dedicated approach leads to user-centric and tailored solutions focused on enriching, measuring and visualizing insights obtained from billions of interactions. On top of that, we will help resolve regulatory and security concerns.

Data integration

We help you sift through the chaotic information landscape to combine all crucial data into one comprehensive and flexible structure while unifying and preparing it for further processing and analysis.

Big data analytics

Our team integrates analytics and data science into our applications creating personalized real-time dashboards that make your insights easily manageable.

Big data management

Following the “big data without big problems” principle, iTechArt delivers data management platforms that absorb and deliver data of any size and shape, thus reducing time-consuming operations and dependence on numerous vendors, licenses and instruments.

Why we make a big difference

Simplifying complexity
  • Data-enabled culture
  • Tried-and-true statistical techniques
  • Focus on user security
Expanding with the market
  • Fast and effective scaling
  • Accelerated change adoption
  • Deep industries insight
Understanding your expectations
  • Client-centered development style
  • Agile methodologies
  • Align with organizational, cultural, and technical values
Engaging with top-talent
  • Dedicated teams with an analytical mindset
  • 30+ data science, machine learning and big data engineers
  • 45+ successful big data projects

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